Bibenda Olio

Bibenda Olio

The Bibenda Editor group does not mean only the Italian Wine Sommelier Foundation but also the Italian Oil Sommelier Foundation.

In fact, every year this association, always born from the work of Luigi Veronelli, dedicates a section of the prestigious Bibenda Guide to the best EVO olive oils produced in Italy. In particular, the update takes place towards the month of March, in order to be able to taste the fruits of the harvest of the year of the current oil campaign.

In fact, we remind you that the Bibenda Guide is the only one in the sector that already publishes the results of the tastings of "new" oils this month. This is synonymous with a commitment that the group makes every year with its readers to update a text of around 27,000 pages



The best oils of Italy challenge each other

Extra virgin olive oil is known, it is Italian heritage. This is why the best producers of this incredible product participate in the tastings offering the fruit of their hard work in the olive groves.

Montioni extra virgin olive oil awarded 2022-2023

n fact, both of our EVO oil qualities, 100% Moraiolo Olive Oil and 50% Frantoio and 50% Moraiolo Olive Oil received the score of 4 drops out of 5 which denote "Companies and Oils of Great Level and Outstanding Prestige"

We are very proud of our work and we hope that our EVO oil will also be appreciated by all of you, our customers!


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