Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator

Wine experts and lovers of good wine cannot fail to know the American magazine Wine Spectator, the reference point of the food and wine sector at the international level.

Also called the "Wine Bible in the world", Wine Spectator is undoubtedly the most important and recognized publication in the wine sector for several reasons, among them: its expert editors are also the direct tasters who taste the products "blind", therefore without preliminary information neither about the single wine nor about the wine company.
The objectivity and purity of Wine Spectator’s ratings are its strength and one of the sources of its international prestige.

The score assigned to each wine ranges from 0 to 100, considering many factors in the rating, including the product quality, its value, its availability, the harmony of taste and aromas, its organoleptic properties, and last, but not least, the emotional component that the wine taste arouses on every single palate.

Here three Montioni Montefalco wines reviewed by the Wine Spectator jury.

Montefalco Rosso D.O.C. – score 90/100

Montefalco Sagrantino D.O.C.G. – score 89/100

Grechetto Umbria I.G.T. – score 86/100