Between Kitchen and Cellar 0 Comments  ago 24, 2018

Between Kitchen and Cellar, the collection of recipes to best pair Montefalco oil and wine!

Between Kitchen and Cellar is the new space of Azienda Agricola Montioni’s blog where all of you, our loyal customers, will be able to give vent to your culinary art. If you love good food, good wine, and traditionally processed oil, you are in the right place!

It is not always easy to pair some dishes with the right wine to enhance the flavour of the food and, at the same time, let the wine be the leading role of the meal. In Between Kitchen and Cellar we will leave room for both your traditional and innovative recipes you create every day in your kitchen.

An opportunity to discuss, to share recipes, and most importantly, to understand what the top pairings are between kitchen (food, oil, taste) and cellar (wine, aromas, notes).


How to participate in Between Kitchen and Cellar with your recipes


Do you like our wines, and our oils? How do you use them in cooking? What are your favourite food pairings? And the most curious ones?

This space is open to your recipes, your ideas, how you paired the best wine to your favourite dish, and why not? Let us know how you chose the right dish to match with that bottle you absolutely wanted to uncork!

Send us 3 or 4 photos by email (, or by private message on our Montioni Facebook page.

If the recipe is appropriate, we will write to you and ask you for a small description of the steps. Finally, the best recipes will be posted on our Facebook page and here on our blog.

We do not ask for difficult or challenging recipes, but those you like the most, recipes of your local traditions showing how our products can be easily paired.