Montioni's 2020 harvest

Montioni's 2020 harvest

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Also this year the magical moment of the harvest has come! Starting from September the harvest of our best grapes continues non-stop. We tell you how the Montioni 2020 harvest of three types of grapes is proceeding: Sangiovese, Grechetto and Merlot.


The vine among the symbols par excellence of Umbria is harvested manually, at the first light of dawn. Because? In this way the grapes remain fresh and do not lose aromas and freshness on the palate. An excellent harvest is expected, made up of all healthy and flourishing grapes!

The peel of the berries was immediately separated from the juice since the fermentation of Grechetto takes place without the peels, and its liquid will ferment for about 20 days in a completely natural way.

To produce Grechetto IGT wine, the grapes must be 100% Grechetto. To learn more about our white Grechetto click HERE

Vendemmia Grechetto Montioni 2020

Images of the Grechetto 2020 harvest


The manual harvesting of our Organic Merlot grapes has opened the dance to the whole harvest of the year 2020!

The bunches collected, albeit slightly less than the typical harvest, have very healthy and very compact berries. The grape is intact and covered with a very thick skin: the ideal situation for long fermentations that tend to extract more color.

After harvesting, the Merlot grapes were immediately de-stemmed and placed in the tank for the fermentation phase.

Merlot grapes make up 50% of our  UMBRIA ROSSO IGT and about 20% of our MONTEFALCO ROSSO.

Vendemmia Merlot Montioni 2020

Pictures of the Merlot grape harvest


Finally we tell you about the harvest of Sangiovese grapes: the quantity is good, not excessive, the bunches are compact and very healthy: a wonder for the eyes!
the sugar content is optimal, as is the color of the grape and its level of acidity.

The Sangiovese grape makes up 50% of ours UMBRIA ROSSO IGT and about 65% of ours MONTEFALCO ROSSO

Vendemmia Sangiovese Montioni 2020Images of the Sangiovese grape harvest

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