The Azienda Agricola Montioni goes towards organic farming!

The Azienda Agricola Montioni goes towards organic farming!

News 2 Comments  lug 23, 2020

To support the biodiversity of our territory, to respect the Umbrian nature and to maintain the high quality of our products, we decided to transform the production organization of the Azienda Agricola Montioni into organic production

Our goal is not to plunder and exploit nature and its ecosystem but to perceive its precious nuances... Then find them again in our oils and wines!

Materie prime naturali per la fertilizzare il terreno

What changes?

We no longer use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, harmful to nature and our health, but natural raw materials from our country such as copper, sulphur, algae, borlanda, rock dust, as well as grains and broad beans that enrich and fertilize our soils.

This is not over!

We decided to reuse the waste from the processing of olives from our oil mill, such as water, skin, pulp and stone, to further fertilize our lands!

Now all we need is the BIO Farm Certification!


Read our news to stay up to date on the news of our Azienda Agricola Montioni!

See you soon!


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      Martin Conroy
      Jul 23, 2020

      We are pleased to hear of your decision to move toward a organic production model, May the Lord honor your efforts to become better stewards of the earth! Here in the USA our farm lands have been damaged by the use of synthetic ag chemicals and our waters are polluted by the chemical run off. It is almost impossible to buy food and wine that is not contaminated by Glyphosate. In order to have chemical clean food we just purchased a 8 hectare farm to grow our own food. Instead of going for just an organic certification ( which in the USA does not mean that much) we are going for regenerative farming that is way beyond just organic farming. Gabe Brown is a farmer in North Dakota who is a leader in the regenerative farming soil health movement. Here is a link to one of his presentations that you may find enlightening. Blessings The Conroy’s

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        Paolo Montioni
        Sep 27, 2020

        Thank you Martin , we keep in touch !✋

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