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For every wine… there is a bottle! But what is the reason? What are the main characteristics that differentiate the wine bottles we taste? Let's find out by analysing some of the most popular bottles in the world.


Many bottles, each different from the other

“Bottles of wine are Hock, Bordeaux, Burgundy. Every other bottle is to be considered fancy (almost always deplorable)”.
This is what the fourth edition of "Il vino giusto" reports, the book of the Veronelli wine master, dating back to the 70s.

Veronelli's amusing discrimination opens the world of wine bottles: containers of precious nectars which, to the untrained eye, may all seem very similar to each other in shape, but they actually hide precise characteristics that make them unique and different from each other.


Bottiglie di vino illuminate dalla luce


What are the most used types of wine bottles?

BORDEAUX BOTTLE: the most classic and impressive wine bottle, with a very balanced and always elegant shape, and with a much-used pronounced shoulder, it tastes like passion and authenticity according to wine producers. It owes its name to the Bordeaux wine production area near the homonymous city of Bordeaux in France.


BURGUNDY BOTTLE: born in Burgundy, area of true wine lovers, which gives this bottle a more tapered shape. Indeed, its shoulders are long and sloping, whereas its base is wide. Burgundy bottle is mainly used for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – the most traditional wines of its area of origin – and is also widespread.


CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE: its name says it all, a bottle created to hold Champagne, one of the finest wines in the world. In addition to this peculiarity, it is also very sparkling, which is why the glass of Champagne bottle is thicker, to adequately resist the pressure of such a sparkling wine. From then on, it has been chosen as the ideal bottle to contain all types of sparkling wines with such internal pressure. This occurs through its shape: thick bottom, a conical protuberance to distribute the pressure, as well as thin and very sloping shoulders to make the wine descend without jolts.

HOCK BOTTLE: with a very elongated shape, practically absent shoulders, and a flat bottom, without protuberances, it was created to preserve white wines. This is because this type of wine has neither salts nor cream of tartar, therefore it cannot precipitate. Hock bottle is often matched with still wines, such as Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling, perfect for this type of bottle.


Diverse tipologie di bottiglie da vino

A closer look at the Bordeaux Bottle

The most used bottle by the Azienda Agricola Montioni to best hold its Umbrian wines is the Bordeaux.

Main characteristics of the Bordeaux bottle:


- height approx. 30 cm, capacity 75 ml

- the traditional version has a pronounced cylindrical shape and a short neck

- glass colour is dark green for red wines and transparent or light green for white wines

- cone-shaped protuberance in the bottom


Its main purpose is to keep wine deposits (naturally formed) inside, as much as possible. The cone-shaped bottom of the Bordeaux bottle helps precisely spread these deposits, pushing them towards the edges until they compact together.Even its very wide shoulders have a similar purpose, which is to block the deposits that have escaped the bottom in order to avoid them ending up inside the glass, especially if the wine has been stored in the bottle for a long time.

Variation and fun fact: you can also find the Bordeaux bottle with higher shoulders (or “Goliath”), which is dedicated to refined red and white wines because it is more elegant in appearance with a narrower and elongated shape.


Have you already tasted all Montioni wines in their splendid Bordeaux bottle? They are also perfect as a gift!

We look forward to seeing you in the next article of Words of Wine G for Glass! The essential accessory in the presence of an excellent bottle of Montioni wine!

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