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The art of extra virgin olive oil in Italy

Italy is one of the most valuable countries for cultivating olive trees and especially for producing extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to our territory, which is well suited to this type of cultivation, and the ancient tradition of the art of oil.

For this reason, in our Bel Paese, we can boast more than 540 oil varieties, each different from the other by cultivar (cultivated variety) and cultivation habitat (soil, cultivation type, squeezing, etc.), which determine its quality, taste, aroma, and much more.

It goes without saying that Italy's best extra virgin olive oil does not exist. Each cultivar, cultivation method, and territory offer us different oil varieties, each with precise and defined organoleptic properties.


Olive attaccate a ulivo tipologia Moraiolo

Monocultivar Oil VS Blend

However, among oil connoisseurs, there has always been an ongoing contrast between monovarietal oil (monocultivar oil, 100% composed of a single olive variety) and oil obtained from the creative art of blending (mixing different monovarietal oils). Which is more precious, tastier, and more appreciable?

Oil made from monocultivar olive varieties has chemical-physical properties extremely tied to the territory, as well as the organoleptic qualities of the product. The nuances of taste stand out clearly and as a result, the specific variety can be easily recognized.

On the other hand, oil processed through the blending process is obtained by mixing oils from different olive trees, not 100% the same olive variety, although the starting point is a monovarietal oil, which is skilfully mixed with another olive oil to get the desired taste - often rounder and softer -  also according to the food market.


Contenitore pieno di olio di oliva e qualche oliva intera all'interno


Monovarietal Moraiolo Oil

In this article, we will talk about one of the most renowned and precious monovarieties, a dominant cultivar of Central Italy – Umbria, Marche, and Tuscany – which is the Moraiolo olive variety.

In our Montioni oil mill, we produce two varieties of extra virgin olive oil; the first from 100% Moraiolo olive variety, whereas the second from 50% Frantoio olive variety and 50% Moraiolo olive variety, as a result of the blending process.

Central Italy is the most suitable area for growing the Moraiolo olive tree since it absolutely needs a hilly terrain, typical of this area, to grow and bear fruit.
This is the reason why the Montioni oil mill, located at 450 meters above sea level in the hilly area of Montefalco (PG), in Umbria, has an ideal area for this cultivar.

What are the peculiarities of Moraiolo oil?

Taste: a perfect combination and balance between bitter and spicy make Moraiolo extra virgin olive oil suitable for many dishes and for adapting to different flavours.

Aroma: Moraiolo olive oil recalls notes of fresh aromatic herbs and vegetable hints, specifically almond, artichoke, and hazelnuts.

Organoleptic properties: the Moraiolo cultivar has a medium-high level of polyphenols, as well as vegetable squalene, both beneficial substances for the human body due to their antioxidant qualities, also effective against free radicals.

Pairings: certainly, Moraiolo oil best pairs with dishes such as roasted meats, soups, legumes, bruschetta, and is an excellent seasoning for grilled vegetables. However, it can be easily matched with many other dishes, both for cooking and for seasoning raw.


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