3-L Can of Moraiolo Oil

100% Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced and cold pressed in the heart of Umbria.

nuovo olio  NEW OLIVE OIL 2022


nuovo olio  NEW OLIVE OIL 2022

Moraiolo Monocultivar Oil – 3-litre Can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained exclusively from local Moraiolo olive variety.


Moraiolo Monocultivar is a typical olive variety of central Italy, perhaps one of the best in the world because of its peculiarity to grow well only in this soil. Indeed, Moraiolo is very difficult to grow because it is extremely delicate. This is the reason why our 100% Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so special. With a full, harmonious, slightly spicy, and bitter taste, it is perfect for those who love the strong flavours of our Italian tradition.


How to list the characteristics of Moraiolo Oil in the kitchen
Enhance your legume and vegetable soups, which will acquire new flavour, season your grilled meat and game, or even try it on hot toasted bruschetta, in order to fully enjoy its intense taste.



In the new column of our blog  TO THE ORIGINS OF TASTE the Azienda Agricola Montioni reveals something more about 100% Moraiolo oil..

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Data sheet

100% Moraiolo
450 meters a.s.l.
Starting from early October
The olives are cold pressed within 24 hours after harvesting
Traditional hand-picking
On the nose it starts with hints of cut grass followed by notes of artichoke and almond
On the palate is robust with intense notes of bitter and spicy
Between 57-64 °F, away from heat sources
3-litre can

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