Panna cotta with Sagrantino Passito: Montioni's recipe

Panna cotta with Sagrantino Passito: Montioni's recipe

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Ah the panna cotta, one of the most loved spoon desserts by Italians and beyond!
With a delicate and soft taste, panna cotta conquers at the first spoonful, especially when served to finish the meal.

With a simple but effective preparation, this dessert invented in Italy (probably in the Piedmontese Langhe) more than a century ago will bring freshness and lightness to the table. For this reason, panna cotta is an ideal dessert to be served in the hottest periods of the year...and which summer is more suitable than that of 2022 with scorching temperatures?


The idea of ​​Panna cotta with Sagrantino Passito di Montioni wine

During our TOURS to vineyards and olive groves of our farm immersed in the green of Umbria, we at Montioni include a fantastic tasting (based on the package/tour chosen).

During this hot summer 2022 we asked ourselves: which dessert to combine with the tasting of our passito wine (Sagrantino Passito)?
In fact, the passito is a wine that pleasantly accompanies sweet flavors, and in particular cakes with delicate creams with jams or cream.

To satisfy the need for a wine-dessert combination that would help to forget the high temperatures and that would bring out the taste of our Montefalco Sagrantino Passito, we have created this very fresh panna cotta with the flavor of Passito!

After experimenting with the recipe we said to ourselves: it is perfect for tastings within our TOURS!

You may be wondering: how then to prepare this panna cotta al Passito? It is easy to say, follow our personal recipe below!


Panna cotta with Sagrantino Passito recipe


Ingredients (serving 13/14 panna cottas)

  • 300 g Panna Cotta mix (as an alternative to isinglass)
  • 1 liter Cream
  • 800 ml Milk
  • 200 ml Montioni Sagrantino Passito 

Ingredienti panna cotta al sagrantino passito


1. Pour the milk and cream into a saucepan and mix with a whisk

Versare il latte e la panna

2. Bring to a boil, then add the Panna Cotta mix and the Sagrantino Passito, keep mixing until you bring back to the boil.

Aggiungere il Sagrantino Passito

3. Pour the mixture into appropriate silicone molds (or similar)

Versare il composto negli stampi

4. Put everything in the fridge and leave there for at least 4 hours.


Final tip

Serve the Panna Cotta portions with dark chocolate topping together with a nice glass of Montioni Sagrantino Passito

Final result

Panna cotta al Sagrantino Passito Montioni

Did our summer dessert proposal intrigue you? Test yourself in the kitchen!!

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