Traditional Umbrian Recipe: Easter Cheese Bread!

Traditional Umbrian Recipe: Easter Cheese Bread!

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This year for Easter we decided to propose a recipe of the Umbrian tradition because it is true that you can not celebrate lunch with all relatives and friends but you can definitely enjoy the same dish!

What are we talking about? Traditional Easter Cheese Bread!

Here are the ingredients to prepare 2 Easter bread:
- 450 gr flour
- 75 gr Fresh Yeast
- 75 gr Lard
- 75 gr Montioni Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 75 gr Grated Pecorino Cheese
- 75 gr Grated Aged Parmesan Cheese
- 5 Eggs
- 1 glass Warm Milk
- 1 tbsp Salt
- 1 pinch of Sugar

The first step in making Easter cheese bread is… pre-dough!
Let's see how to make it:

1) To make the pre-dough, mix 150 gr flour with 25 gr fresh yeast and warm water (2,7 fl oz al 70°C). Melt the yeast and mix with the flour to form a loaf.

Lievitino ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio

2) Put the loaf into a bowl and let it rise for about 3 hours.

Lievitazione lievitino ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio

(Pre-dough after 3 hours of leavening)

3) When the pre-dough is ready, put it inside a mixer together with lard, Montioni Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grated Pecorino and Parmesan, salt, a pinch of sugar and 5 yolks previously separated from egg whites. The latter must be kept in another bowl.

Ingredienti nell'impastatrice ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio

4) Melt 50 gr fresh yeasts into a glass of warm milk, mix, pour all into the mixer, and start mixing the ingredients.

5) In the meantime, beat the egg whites until stiff with an electric whisk.

6) While the mixer is working the dough, add 300 gr flour a little at a time, then gently add the whipped egg whites, and keep mixing until the dough is smooth and thick.

Impastatrice ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio

7) Put the dough onto a pastry board and work it with a little flour, folding it several times on itself and on the sides.

Impasto ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio

8) Divide the dough into 2 loaves and place them on 2 baking trays, with a 20-cm diameter.

9) Cover the trays with a layer of cling film and with a kitchen towel. Let them rise for about 3 hours in a warm place.

Panetti impasto ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio

(Dough after 3 hours of leavening)

10) Once the dough has leavened, bake at 190°C for 40 minutes.


The result is a magnificent and delicious Umbrian dish loved by all children and all adults!

Ricetta pizza di pasqua al formaggio pronta

The perfect match?
Of course the Montioni Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG or the Montioni Montefalco Rosso DOC, our red wines that go well with mature cheeses!

We just have to wish you all a happy Easter and... A good Umbrian cheese bread!


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      Kathryn L Ness
      Mar 26, 2021

      I am going to try making this bread it sound yummy!

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        Azienda Agricola Montioni
        Mar 29, 2021

        Good, Kathryn! We are sure you going to make an amazing umbrian cheese bread! Happy Easter!

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