Jam of Montioni Sagrantino grape

Jam of Montioni Sagrantino grape

Between Kitchen and Cellar 0 Comments  nov 17, 2020

Finally we reveal the recipe to make our delicious Sagrantino Montioni grape jam!

Excellent for breakfast or for an afternoon snack with bread and rusks, it can also be an appreciated gift for friends and relatives!

Ready? Here is the recipe for our Sagrantino Montioni grape jam!



- 1 kg of Sagrantino grape

- 350 g of sugar

- 1 packet of pectin preparation (Fruttapec 3:1)



1)  After washing the Sagrantino grape bunches, separate all the grapes from the bunch.

Acini Sagrantino Montioni separati dal grappolo

2)  Pass the grapes through a sieve to extract the juice and pulp.

Acini in un passaverdure per estrarre il succo

3)  Pour the sugar and the packet of pectin preparation into the pot with the grape juice and mix.

Zucchero e preparato per marmellata nella pentola

4)  Boil the mixture in the pan for about 5/6 minutes.

Composto marmellata in cottura

5)  Transfer the still hot jam into glass jars. Close the jars with their own stopper to create the vacuum

Inserimento marmellata nei vasetti di vetro

And here is our jam!

Marmellata di uva sagrantino pronta nei vasetti

It is recommended to wait about 2 weeks before eating the Sagrantino grape jam to enjoy it at its best.


We hope you like our jam. We can't wait to hear what you think!

See you at the next recipe of the blog of Azienda Agricola Montioni, Between Kitchen and Cellar!

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