New 2020 olive oil is available!

New 2020 olive oil is available!

News 2 Comments  ott 29, 2020

An incredible vintage for Montioni extra virgin olive oil: 5 stars for our olives!

The report of the 2020 olive harvest

A great success for the Montioni olives this year: they look beautiful, very healthy and the harvest was abundant.
This could probably even be the best vintage of the last 15 years: they had been expecting a harvest like this for 10 years!

We remind you that the olives of the Montioni farm are harvested exclusively by hand, and processed within 48 hours in our own oil mill.

But what will this new 2020 olive oil be like?

Blend olive oil (50% Moraiolo and 50% Frantoio) it will be balanced, very fragrant and elegant;

Monocultivar olive oil (100% Moraiolo) it will be of a beautiful green color, impenetrable and with great aromas that remind us of almond and artichoke.


Olio 2020 montioni

Blend Olive Oil - 50% Moraiolo and 50% Frantoio varieties

First impressions of Montioni 2020 oil in blend version, that is the mixture of different types of oil, in our case Moraiolo oil and Frantoio oil.
On the olfactory level, it gives off aromas of cut grass, and again almond and thistle. As for the taste, it is very balanced and elegant.

Moraiolo Olive Oil 

Our monovarietal oil, derived from a single type of olive, the Moraiolo olive, has aromas of artichoke and almond on the nose.
The taste is spicy and decisive on the palate


La raccolta delle olive nell'oliveto Montioni in Umbria


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      Beth Dean
      Nov 03, 2020

      Please send ne pricing information on the 2020 new oil and shipping costs to the USA. Thank you very much!

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        Azienda Agricola Montioni
        Nov 20, 2020

        Dear Beth, we ask you to send us an email with your request to Thank you

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