2020 Sagrantino Harvest

2020 Sagrantino Harvest

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The harvest of our Umbrian gem, Sagrantino Montefalco, has just come to an end for this year. Only one type of grape but coming from different types of vineyards, and declined in three different types of wines: Sagrantino Ma.Gia, Sagrantino dry and Sagrantino Passito.

Find out with us what the results of the 2020 harvest are!


Montefalco Sagrantino Ma.Gia D.O.C.G. 

With a fully manual harvest, carried out in mid-October 2020, here are our wonderful bunches of Sagrantino grapes from a specific vineyard: the Fonte Petrella vineyard, which is the best Montioni vineyard! 

During two splendid days, sunny and clear, the harvest of these fruits took place and they will ferment in a natural way strictly inside our precious French barriques. Our barriques come directly from the Tronçais forest, one of the best in the Allier department in France.

The racking, the process by which wine and pomace are separated, is scheduled for December 28th.

>> While waiting for the result you can try our Montefalco Sagrantino Ma.Gia DOCG 2015, with an intense taste and scent of liquorice, blackberries, cherries and chocolate!

Here are some pictures of the highlights of the harvest in the Montioni vineyards in Umbria:

Raccolta uve Sagrantino del vigneto Montioni

Acini di uve sagrantino inseriti nelle barrique francesiImages of the 2020 harvest of Sagrantino Montefalco Ma.Gia.


Montefalco Sagrantino D.O.C.G. (Dry)

Collected strictly by hand on October 17th, our Sagrantino grapes burst with health, beautiful to the eye and to the touch!
We note a decrease in production of about 15%, but absolutely physiological given the harvest obtained in 2019, absolutely and incredibly abundant.

How do the clusters appear? Equipped with a beautiful thick and crunchy skin, ideal for the natural fermentation of about 45 days traditionally carried out by us. The juice also appears really thick and very sweet.

>> While waiting for the result you can try our Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG 2016, typical for its spicy aromas and perfect to accompany aged cheeses, game and succulent roasts.


Here are some pictures of the highlights of the harvest in the Montioni vineyards in Umbria:

Grappoli di uva Sagrantino Montioni

Vendemmia del sagrantino montefalco Montioni in UmbriaImages of the 2020 harvest of the Sagrantino Montefalco DOCG by Montioni


Montefalco Sagrantino PASSITO 

As is well known, Sagrantino grapes were originally used exclusively to produce this sweet wine and considered very special especially in our territory.

Still today, as in the past, Sagrantino Passito is highly appreciated! Our harvest brought us very healthy and very beautiful bunches, coming directly from a specific vineyard called "Li Cicitti". Why exactly from this vineyard? Because here the average age of the vines is 30 years!

Currently the bunches have been left to dry, we wait another two months to then work the grapes and make this jewel of ancient Umbrian tradition.

Grappoli di uva destinati al Sagrantino PassitoImages of the harvest of the grapes destined for Sagrantino Passito Montioni

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