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Frantoio olive oil - typically Italian – is famous all over the world

Frantoio is among the most praised, popular, and widespread olive varieties in the central areas of Italy.
Very well known throughout our country, it is now highly appreciated also abroad due to its high productivity and its constancy as well as for the ease with which it is mixed (blending process) with other olive oil varieties.

Indeed, the Frantoio, with its sweet and round notes, can balance many other olive oil varieties that alone would not have the same yield.

Grappoli di olive tipologia Frantoio


What are the characteristics of Frantoio olive oil?

Taste: on the palate it is aromatic, light but at the same time slightly spicy and savoury, with an aftertaste of almond and herbs. Simply delicious.

Aroma: Frantoio oil gives off scents of artichoke, fresh grass, and almond, all combined with a fruity component. An aroma that will make you fall in love with this olive variety!

Pairings: grilled meat, bruschetta, legume and vegetable soups, and for dressing fresh salads.


Boccetta con dentro olio di oliva frantoio

How is the Frantoio oil used in the Azienda Agricola Montioni?

Among the best pollinators of the Frantoio variety, there is Moraiolo - another typical Umbrian variety - which we also have in our land in Montefalco (PG).
This is the reason why Azienda Agricola Montioni has decided to produce an extra virgin olive oil with 50% of Moraiolo and 50% of Frantoio: a winning combination.

Making this type of blend (by mixing different olive oils, not 100% the same olive variety) creates a balanced taste, given by the spicier and stronger taste of Moraiolo olives combined with the lighter and sweeter taste of Frantoio olives.

Our 50% Frantoio and 50% Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is on sale online!

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